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Yacht Charter

Options for your Yacht Charter


Bareboat Yacht Charter is for those of you who want to skipper their own yacht and have friends and family as crew.


Skippered Yacht Charter is just what it says, we supply an experienced skipper, maybe even Andy, for those of you who do not have  enough experience to run your own yacht or frankly you just prefer to relax and let someone else take the strain.  Skippered charter is really good for those families with small children or who just want that extra bit of assurance together with an in depth knowledge of the local area and sailing conditions that a professional skipper can bring.


Bareboat charter regulation in Greece requires at least two persons on board with appropriate sailing licenses/certificates or at least one Skipper licence and a competent/experienced crew member. In the later case the co-skipper may be required to complete a declaration that he/she is competent to undertake responsibility of the yacht.  In either case you may be asked to demonstrate competence to our base manager or you may need to hire a skipper or co-skipper for the duration of you holiday.


We greet you on arrival or arrange to collect you; we assist you with your luggage, we stock your fridge with cold water, make up your beds, and stow any pre-ordered provisions.  Yacht provisioning can be arranged , alternatively we can assist on site with deliver from  the shop to your yacht.


We brief you on the boat, cruising area and overnight destinations, and for that extra assurance we provide you with a Greek mobile telephone to ensure you can contact us 24/7.


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