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General Weather Conditions


During the months of April and May, the islands are carpeted with a profusion of wild flowers, such as poppies, wild irises and freesias. The weather is mainly sunny and warm, with occasional showers, and cool evenings. 

The sea is usually cool and warms up towards the middle of May. In April, the Greek orthodox Easter festivities are definitely worth experiencing.

By June, the sun has become hotter, although the countryside is still fresh and verdant, and there are still flowers to be found. The sea becomes warmer too, and all bars, tavernas and other facilities are functioning.

In the height of summer you can expect average temperatures of 26 degrees, with July and August being the hottest months.  Moderate to fresh winds force 3-6, the upper range being during the late July and August Meltemi season. Great for experienced sailors.

By September the islands begin to return to their quiet self although most of the tavernas, bars and clubs are still open,. The countryside is still beautiful, as the wild pink cyclamens appear and the bracken and foliage turn golden. The weather becomes a little cooler, and there is an increased risk of showers, especially as October draws nearer, but this is still a good time to swim and enjoy the sun before the winter.

Useful forecasts for the Sporades Islands

Sailing Forecast: Windfinder Sporades area (1 week) - 

General Forecast: AccuWeather Volos (5 day) - 

Sailing Forecast: National Observatory of Athens (3 day) -

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